At the Tofield Skating Club, we provide skaters with quality programs and personalized training suited to their individual needs.

Pre CanSkate (Ages 3 to 5)

Pre-CanSkate is an early entry-level program, designed to prepare skaters to enter Skate Canada's flagship CanSkate program.

This is an ideal program for skaters 3 years or older who have never skated before and are new to the world of ice skating. Pre-Can develops all the necessary basic skills needed to begin learning and development in Level 1 CanSkate.

CanSkate (Ages 5 and up)

CanSkate is Skate Canada's flagship learn-to-skate program. Unique to Canada and developed under the guidelines of Sport Canada's long term athlete development (LTAD) principles. CanSkate includes specific skills that pertain to hockey, ringette, speed skating, and figure skating. A complete series of balance, control, and agility skills are taught in six stages of learning. The result is a dynamic program that prepares the skaters for virtually every ice sport.

The CanSkates programs are taught and executed by NCCP trained coaches who oversee the training of each Program Assistant on the ice.

For more information about the CanSkate program, check out the SkateCanada website.

Silver Blades (CanSkate Level 5+)

Silver Blades is a program specific to figure skating and designed to get the skaters ready for Skate Canada's StarSkate and CompetitiveSkate programs. Silver Blades focuses on jumps, spins, spirals, and stroking as they relate to both the test stream (StarSkate) and the competitive stream (CompetitiveSkate). The program was created to give skaters transitioning from CanSkate a fun and organized way to learn the basics needed for all the modalities of figure skating, while teaching good work habits on, and off, the ice.


Not every skater and their individual goals are created equal, so why should their choice of training be that way? Whether they want to land an axle or a triple salchow, but are not interested in the competitive stream. StarSkate is a perfect blend for them. At Tofield Skating Club, we offer an instructional stream of skating that focuses on movement through the different levels of figure skating via on/off ice training and testing. Each skater is given the option to participate in fun competitions while their long term skating goals are encouraged.

This stream of skating is geared towards allowing skaters to progress at their own pace, while facilitating exposure to all modalities of figure skating offered in the testing stream.

For more information specific to StarSkate, check out the SkateCanada website.


For some skaters, the lure of competition is a strong motivator that comes with it's own level of personal reward for young skaters. Tofield Skating Club provides focused instruction towards the modality of figure skating that a young skater shows interest in; as well as offering off ice training to help maximize the skater's desire to preform and take advantage of key developmental stages. This stream of figure skating allows skaters an early start into the competitive world by facilitating a balanced approach to training as well as competing from pre-novice and beyond.

For skaters still in the CanSkate program who have an interest in competition, SkateCanada has a handful of CanSkate competitions as well. This is a great way to introduce a skater into the Competi-Skate program stream, while keeping it fun and exciting.

January 2020