We will update this page with the 2021-2022 protocols in Fall 2021.

2020/2021 Season: The Tofield Skating Club will be following the recommendations of SkateCanada and Alberta Health Services to deliver a safe skating season.

COVID-19 Participant Information

Prior to Attending

All skaters must complete the SkateCanada Waiver prior to participating in the program or on the ice. This waiver is included in the registration package.

Health Screening

Participants will self-screen before all training activities and will not attend if they, or a member of their household, are exhibiting symptoms of illness such as: shortness of breath, coughing, fever, runny nose, sore throat, or any other symptoms as defined by health experts.

On the day of a training activity, an email will be sent which will contain a Health Screening Questionnaire. This screening must be completed prior to arrival at the Arena. If you answer YES to any question, DO NOT attend the activity.

Simply open the email and click on the Fill Out Form button.

When the questionnaire opens, enter the email address and date. Click Next.

Answer each question then click Submit at the bottom.

Arriving to the Arena

  • Skaters are to arrive at the facility fully dressed for the activity, no more than 15 minutes prior to the activity and will maintain a physical distance of 2m between members.
  • Skaters/guardians must wash or sanitize hands upon entry to the facility. Hand sanitizer will be provided by the facility, but it is strongly recommended that skaters and guardians bring their own. Hand sanitizing should be done again after the skating session.
  • Skaters, their guardians, and any additional family members must report to the table in the lobby for the required health screen and contact tracing. Any skater that does not report in, will not be permitted on the ice.
    • StarSkate participants will enter and exit the facility through the east doors, hand sanitize and check-in for the health screening. Skaters will then proceed to dressing room 5 or 6 on Mondays and room 6 on Wednesday & Friday.
    • CanSkate participants will enter and exit the facility through the east doors, hand sanitize and check-in for the health screening. CanSkaters will then proceed to dressing room #6. They will remain seated until a coach or program assistant leads them to the ice.
  • Masks must be worn within the facility.
    • Skaters - may remove their masks when they go on the ice.
    • Spectators/guardians - must wear masks at all times.
  • Personal hygiene etiquette will be practiced at all times (cough/sneeze into arm or tissue, immediately place used tissues into garbage bin, avoid touching of face).
  • Benches in the hallway will be marked with tape to maintain social distancing measures. This is where skaters will tie skates, put helmets on, and store personal belongings. Consider only bringing the essentials into the facility. Leave as many personal belongings as possible in the vehicle.

Skating Protocols

For the full COVID-19 skating protocols, please see the return to skating protocols document below:

COVID-19 Shut Down Policy:
In the event that club activities are shut down, any ice sessions left unfulfilled will be refunded less a $60 Skate Canada & administration fee.

Skater Checklist

Use this checklist before leaving home to ensure you are ready for skating.

COVID-19 Resources: